MONRE has confirmed banning of plastic scrap import and driven the utilization of all plastic scraps in the country in 5 years

                   Mr. Athapol Charoenshunsa, Director General of Pollution Control Department (PCD), revealed that H.E. Mr. Varawut Silpa-Archa, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) as the chair of Plastic and Electronic Waste Management Sub-Committee under the National Environment Board, has clearly emphasized that MOMRE had a policy to promote the utilization of plastic scraps in the country as much as possible according to the previous resolution on banning of plastic scrap import by 2020 (mostly PET plastics). In the Meeting of Sub-Committee in January 2021, the Sub-Committee considered the banning to cover all kinds of plastic scrap. However, some kinds of plastic scrap were found that not enough in the country, so the import of plastic scraps was determined. The import of plastic scraps would be allowed only 50% of production capacity or no more than 250,000 tons in 2021. Moreover, it would be decrease 20% amount in each year namely no more than 200,000 tons in 2022, no more than 150,000 tons in 2023, no more than 100,000 tons in 2024, and no more than 50,000 tons in 2025. Finally, it would be totally banned from 1 January 2026 which the utilization of plastic scraps in the country would be 100%.