MNRE empowered with the Customs Department, Internal Security Operation Command (ISOC)ฯ on Plastic and Electronics Waste Management

              On 8 September 2021, Mr. Athapol Charoenshunsa, Director General of Pollution Control Department (PCD), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) revealed that PCD empowered with Customs Department, Internal Security Operation Command (ISOC), Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Division (Nepolice), ISOC Chonburi Province and Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment, Chonburi Province inspected the field area at the X-rays center and Customs Technology, Customs Office, Laem Chabang Port, Chonburi Province. The Customs Department inspected declaring of imported goods of Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd., which misrepresenting the facts by declaring the imported goods as unseparated wasted paper products, tariff no. 4707.90.00, and total weight 294 tons. As inspected by PCD, the Customs Department and the Company, it was found that the imported goods were considered as municipal waste, tariff no. 3825.10.00.